Comment from General Manager,
Bill Clark
Highland Woods Golf and Country Club has completed a 6.5 million dollar renovation. In the summer of 2012 the Board of Trustees at Highland Woods initiated a Task force to look at future needs of the club and community. After a two year study, the Strategic Planning Task Force presented the details of their final recommendations to the Board of Trustees encompassing both golf and non-golf projects they felt important to maintaining and enhancing the community and club standards. A presentation was made in January 2014 included drawings, artist renderings and cost estimates for each project. The Board voted and approved the recommendation (with modifications) which included a new two story cart barn with an upper level fitness facility, total clubhouse interior renovations including new Grille Room kitchen, restroom facilities for the bocce/practice range area, modification of existing community – fitness room, and a $1.6m golf course renovation which included wall to wall re-grassing, and greens replacement. In the spring of 2014 the membership voted to approve the proposal and the results were announced at the annual meeting. The accepted proposal totaled $6,466,050. The renovation began in the spring of 2015, and established the direction and pace for the community and club in the coming years, all of which are pointing towards enhanced services and greater member satisfaction.  
The overall focus at Highland Woods is to always strive to increase the quality of service throughout the Club, along with increasing the overall appearance of both the common grounds and the golf course. Paramount in the focus at Highland Woods is member satisfaction accomplished through exciting social events, excellent food in our restaurants, challenging tournaments and consistency in open play.  We constantly strive to expand our efforts through all of our communication links to provide the membership with all the information and services needed to ensure that their use of the facilities is the most it can possibly be.